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    Cooking technique: sous-vide


Cooking technique: sous-vide

The ultimate explosion of flavors

For this cooking technique we take asparagus as an example. Because the season of this golden vegetable has begun. Give the asparagus the preparation it deserves and cook the king of vegetables in a vacuum bag, which is called sous-vide in the culinary world. Because of this the vegetable doesn't lose any of its wonderful flavor. 

Take fresh asparagus. Fresh asparagus should squeek when you rub them. Peel the asparagus carefully from 2 cm under the upper part with a peeler. Cut off the woody bottoms and they are ready to be cooked. 

This is where the sous-vide preparation starts. It might seem difficult, but it is not. One main advantage of this cooking technique is that all flavors are preserved. If you cook your asparagus traditionally, in water with salt, a lot of flavor ends up in the water, which is a shame. 

What you need is a vacuum sealer and a vacuum bag. If you don't have this machine, you can also create the same effect by using a plastic bag with zip-sealing. Fill with asparagus and olive oil and make vacuum with your machine. Without the machine, you push the bag under cold water. Like this, you push out all of the air. If the water almost reaches the seal, close the zip. 

Put the bag into boiling water for 10 minutes. In restaurants they often cook sous-vide on a lower and more constant temperature of the water. The asparagus need a little more time to cook if you do that. Because this isn't that convenient at home, you can stick to the normal time to cook the asparagus properly. 

Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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