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    Olive oil dosettes


Olive oil dosettes

Single serving size

Liquido d'Oro is the exclusive distributer of Polenghi and Polenghi group's dosettes. The dosette is a single use, dosable little bottle. Great advantages of the dosette are the fact that it is easy to open, it is perfectly dosable and can be packaged with foor. This makes Polenghi's dosettes extremely fit for all your food-solutions.

The dosette with olive oil and with olive oil and aceto balsamico are produced by Polenghi on behalf of Liquido d'Oro. Most commonly used are:
•    Polenghi dosette extra vergine olive oil 8 ml
•    Polenghi dosette extra vergine olive oil - aceto balsamico 8 ml
•    Polenghi dosette extra vergine olive oil - truffel 8 ml

Polenghi fills the dosettes exclusively by order of Liquido d'Oro. The dosettes are sold under the brand Polenghi, Liquido d'Oro, Giancarlo Polenghi and white-lable.

The dosettes currently are mainly sold to retailers, co-packers, foodservices, inflight catering and the hospitalty service in Europe and Asia. Besides Polenghi's dosettes Liquido d'Oro also offers sachets of 10 to 24 ml.

For more information, samples and packaging specifications of the sachets and dosettes or other products from Polenghi Group you can contact us. info@liquidodoro.com
+31 (0) 343 520 280

Written by - Thomas Verbart

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