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    Energy boosters


Energy boosters

Resistance supporting ingredients

Need a boost? Or could you use a better resistance?

Are you feeling a little sick, or having a cold? That's a sign your resistance needs a boost. We will make this very easy to you, by giving you tips for a giving your body a real boost.

Fruit gives natural energy and mango in specific. Due to the fibres in the mango, your body needs longer to digest. By eating this, you'll improve your immume system. This, because this exotic fruit contains a high quantity of vitamin A and C. Follow this link for a delicious spicy mango recipe. 

Ginger has many characteristics your body can benefit from. It stimulates the blood circulation and helps to detox. Besides, vitamins, minerals, water, protein, carbohydrates and fibres can be found in ginger. So choose for a nice and healthy ginger tea or use it while cooking to create a great bite in your dish. 

Spinach is a great source of iron. Iron lets the energy products in your body flow nicely. Pop-eye is that strong for a reason of course ;-)

Olive oil
Yes of course, olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the most healthy pick in the kitchen. Not only because of the saturated fats and vitamins, but also the other components, like squalene. This is a saturated carbon compound that can even help to prevent diseases. Follow this link to find out why olive oil is healthy. 

Chilli pepper
Chilli peppers are super healthy. These red guys are full of vitamins and minerals. Next to that, they are rich of capsaicine, which is responsible for the spice of the pepper. It protects your body against the cold and the chills. We have managed to process this wonderful product in one of our delicious olive oils, the Al Peperoncino


Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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