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Our favorite spots

For lunch or dinner

Don't feel like cooking? We are experts in terms of good food. Though we say it ourselves. That's why we are sharing our favorite spots this week. From new restaurants to old friends.

Café Caron
In Amsterdam Café Caron is such a nice place to go. Although we have an Italian orientation, our favorite Frenchman Alain Caron really knows how to cook. He has recently opened this precious jewel in the Frans Halsstraat together with his sons David and Tom. 
The basis of the French cuisine can be found in all of its simplicity: great seasonal products with knowledge and love, processed in a single dish or great dinner. Young, old, an accidental passer-by, neighbor, on your own or in a group: everyone can feel at home at Café Caron. Because love for good food and being together is what connects people. 

Las Palmas
Chef cook Herman den Blijker cooks one out of the park in his restaurant Las Palmas in Rotterdam. The products and dishes are carefully selected. The beauty of Las Palmas is that one can find everything here. Lunch, dinner, snacks. With friends, in a group or alone. The most simple dishes are prepared on the highest level possible. Our favorites are the fish dishes, crustaceans and shell-fish. In particular, the oysters! 

If you cannot decide on what to eat, go to the Food Market Downtown, in Eindhoven. Sushi, Mexican tacos, burgers, oysters, Vietnamese or a portion of the great Dutch bitterballen. Everything can be found and eaten here! At this market dishes from all around the world come together. 

Our Italian heart starts to beat faster when thinking of this restaurant. The power of the Italian cuisine is its purity, simplicity and honesty. At Toscanini's, in the centre of Amsterdam, dinner is only prepared according to tradition. 
Every day, except from Sunday, the chefs prepare dishes from carefully picked ingredients. The vegetables come from organic farms or from Italy. The meat is arranged by an organic butcher and the fish is fresh every day. The restaurant has got its own bakery, where the bread is baked and also the pasta is homemade. The chefs work with different products of slow food presidia in Italy. Presidia are projects that enable small producers to remain a small-scale, artisanal method of working. Like this, original products and production methods from their region can be preserved. 

Il Sogno Zuylestein
At the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the monumental lodge of Landgoed Zuylestein can be found. This unique place offers a great location at the edge of the forest to drink a cup of Italian coffee, have lunch or a glass of wine with lovely antipasti or a pizza from their wood-fired oven. Il Sogno Zuylestein uses organically grown vegetables from its vegetable garden in combination with the products of local suppliers. With these gorgeous products, sandwiches (focaccia), soup and salad is made. Also antipasti or a plate filled with 'affettati misti' can be ordered during the afternoon. 

Bistro Zuijderhoudt  
This cosy bistro in the heart of Laren makes use of as many honest products and ingredients as possible. At Bistro Zuijderhoudt they always strive towards the most pure and simple preparation in order to achieve getting the best out of the product. No fuss, no knick-knack, but food that you can recognize. That's what we love! 

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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