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    Food trends 2022


Food trends 2022

the food trends of 2022

On the go
The corona pandemic caused food on the go to become increasingly popular. The most striking example is coffee to go, which is often obtained during walks in the lockdown. Coffee to go has long been a familiar phenomenon in the Dutch street scene, but since the catering industry has closed, smaller snacks or even entire meals are increasingly consumed 'on the go'. The hospitality industry is increasingly focusing on take-away, and this will continue to be the case after the corona crisis. 

Healthier eating
Last year, it turned out that there were a lot of possibilities in the field of dinner boxes and having luxury food delivered at home. As a result, people want to eat better and healthier. Consumers are making increasingly conscious choices. This means that eating at home must also be healthy. Consumers are increasingly choosing dishes and drinks with positive properties for themselves; a better body and a better mind. In the past, this often meant 'less' salt, sugar, carbohydrates and fat. But in 2022, it is all about 'better'. Better concentration, better sportsmanship, better appearance, for example with vegetable proteins, ginger or beetroot. Functional ingredients that are better for one person are not necessarily better for another. It is about what suits your body and personal lifestyle.

More and more vegetarian and vegan dishes
Although Italian cuisine, with its pizza, is the favourite of the Dutch, Middle Eastern cuisine is rapidly becoming more popular. And especially vegetarian or vegan dishes. The most trendy dish that has grown the fastest in popularity is therefore: the pita falafel. A dish that is seen as a tasty vegetarian alternative. The demand for vegetarian and vegan dishes is therefore growing enormously.

Eating out or having food delivered to your home has one of two goals: convenience or conviviality. So far, delivery has mainly focused on convenience. We wanted the meal in front of us as soon as possible. Because restaurants were often closed last year, consumers were forced to order food more often instead of eating in a restaurant. As a result, delivery is changing. Delivered dishes are becoming more convivial, more beautiful and more impressive. Experience is added, so to speak. This can be done offline with beautifully illustrated pizza boxes, stickers on the packaging explaining how best to prepare the food or with a handwritten note from the restaurateur or chef.

The most ordered dishes of 2021 are chips, hamburgers and pizzas. Old acquaintances, but with which a lot is being changed. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options with these classics. And a new trend: temporary dishes on the menu. For example, a fresh spring burger or a pizza with mushrooms or pumpkin in autumn.

In Europe, chicken is the only type of meat that is still growing in sales and it is the type of meat for which there are currently most and the best meat substitutes. It is hard to imagine a menu without chicken. Chicken also fits perfectly in poké bowls or in a healthy salad. The versatility of (vegetable) chicken burgers, fillets and chicken pieces is set to increase in the coming year.

Cheese from cows that eat seaweed
Solutions are needed quickly when it comes to food and raw material scarcity. The company North Seaweed is looking at seaweed for this. Its production requires no fresh water or agricultural land. In addition, seaweed retains a lot of CO2. The company is located in Eemshaven, the largest seaport in the Northern Netherlands, and produces the so-called 'sea cheese' made from milk from cows that eat seaweed. Sales of this sea cheese are expected to increase in 2022.

Oat drink from texel
Oats are a superfood for humans and animals, and they are becoming increasingly popular. It is full of proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is a good crop for improving soil quality. On Texel, the cultivation of oats also contributes to the food system and the landscape. On the largest Dutch Wadden Island, the oats are processed into products such as oat drinks and granola.

Sources used from: Foodinspiration and the restaurantkrant.

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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