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    The food trends of 2018


The food trends of 2018

The food trends of 2018

Food is hot and trends are definitely happening. The combination of these two caused dynamic food trends that come and go. The best trends remain. What are this year’s trends? One thing is for sure, nature plays the main role. 

More local
This is so normal to Italians. Vegetables from your own vegetable garden are traded with the neighbors’ chicken and eggs. Dough is made from chestnuts found in your own garden and use the eggs to make a delicious, fresh homemade. This trading makes sure you’re never out of tasty and fresh food. Through all seasons, vegetables grow in your own vegetable garden. Never a dull moment!
This is exactly how top chef Joris Bijdendijk likes to cook in restaurant Rijks. He prepares dishes to let you taste the brilliant flavors Dutch products has to offer. For him, it’s all about quality and authenticity. 

Already getting tired of everything? Eat your heart out, veganism is staying. The lifestyle based on totally vegan products, got quite some attention in 2017 (have you heard about last year’s riot about The Green Happiness at Lowlands?). More people are aware that fish and meat is not really necessary. With an armory of new, exotic vegetable you shouldn’t have to be scared about veganism getting boring. Let’s get this culinary party started!

Red beet 
This photogenic supermodel (that color!) and of course its sweet flavor made the vegetable a shining star of 2017 trends. Steamed, cooked, smoked or blended. Who doesn’t love a good beet. Can be prepared as carpaccio or comforting soup. Click here for delicious recipes with red beet.

Plant power
Ingredients that do a little extra. Curcuma, shiitake, ginger, matcha, red peppers and even olive oil. Some of these have super powers, they’re healing! How much kilos to eat, we don’t know. But we don’t mind eating some mango to get a purer skin, pure chocolate for a healthy blood pressure or red beat for good functioning of the liver.

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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