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    Fraternization in the yard


Fraternization in the yard


It's raining. We have been busy harvesting for already 10 days now. More than 1000 olives have been picked by hand and we have survived a terrible autumn storm. Now we’ll have to wait for the hunters to come...

The months October until May are in the theme of the harvest. This is the same period of time in which the hunters start hunting. You may feel the unsafe and rushed feelings the farmers get out of this. However, the hunters are thrilled that the hunting season has begun. Their main aim could be the flamboyant pheasant, that meaty pig or that cute little deer. Not one animal can feel safe during this period. Unfortunately, this is the same for the farmers that are picking the olives between all these trees. Therefore, it is not unusual for farmers to get hurt caused by misunderstandings of the hunters.

To safe their selves, hunters try to block some of the paths, so that the hunters cannot get through. Some farmers wear fluorescent safety vests. I am starting to wonder if there are no other, more innovative ways to clarify the difference between farmer and animal. Maybe farmers should consider a special scarecrow for hunters. Or shoot olives back at them.

Actually, the good part about this story can be found in the fraternity. Despites the ‘’fights’’ that are fought during the day, the farmers and hunters are best friends during the evenings. The hunters share the meat they have hunted with the farmers. While the farmers sprinkle their fresh oils over the meat. Like this, the farmers and hunters can still help each other.

So, don’t worry. We will continue picking the olives. Next time, you’ll hear more about how this is done, what techniques are used and how the olive eventually arrives in the bottle.


Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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