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    Homemade ricotta cheese


Homemade ricotta cheese

Ricotta is a very soft and fresh Italian cheese, with a slightly sweet flavor. It is fun and delicious to prepare yourself! Ricotta literally means ‘recooked’. For this recipe we use fresh milk instead of cheese whey, which is a residual of cheese. Preferably milk from a farmer around the corner. The fresher, the better.

Ingredients (for 250 ml cheese):
1 liter fresh full milk
100 ml cream (optional for a creamier cheese)
2 tbsp juice from an organic lemon
½ tsp salt

Kitchen equipment:
- Sauce pan
- Wooden spoon
- Cheese cloth

Put all of the ingredients in a sauce pan and turn on the high flame. Stir with a wooden spoon until the curd separates from the cheese whey.  Keep on stirring for one more minute.
Pour the mixture in a clean cheese cloth, leave for 20 minutes and squeeze out the fluid. Your ricotta is done! Store in the fridge, or prepare a delicious meal, such as the following:

Ricotta cheese with basil olive oil and fresh herbs

Homemade ricotta cheese
Basil olive oil
Chili flakes
Fresh parsley and thyme
Bottarga (dried and pickled roe, for example tuna)

To finish off the ricotta, we recommend to sprinkle some of our lovely basil olive oil. Sprinkle over the cheese when serving. Also add some salt, chili flakes, parsley and a little bit of thyme. Grate a little bottarga over the dish, which is often combined with spaghetti, but also gives more character to your ricotta.

Buon appetito!


Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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