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    Limited edition


Limited edition

Extra virgin olive oil with edible 22K gold flakes

Your christmas dinner is going to be magic! 
It's almost Christmas, and your time to shine! But not only for your outfit or the Christmas tree. This year, your dinner also gets the chance to shine! Liquido d'Oro launches a super festive, luxurious olive oil with edible gold flakes in collaboration with De Bijenkorf. The bottle was artisanally plated with 24K gold (Queen Elizabeth's crown juwels have got nothing on our bottle). Also 22K gold flakes have been added to our delicious extra virgin olive oil. Give your dinner a magical appearance with just a few drops of this gorgeous olive oil. 

Edible gold flakes
22K gold flakes are added to this beautiful extra virgin olive oil. Maybe you didn't know, but gold can be eaten and is even healthy! Gently shake the bottle before you use it, so that the gold can flow through the olive oil nicely. Prepare yourself for a magical Christmas table, with a few drops of this golden olive oil over your dinner.

Olive oil with gold flakes | Liquido d'Oro

Handmade perfection

Reinaert Vergulders has plated this bottle artisanally with 24K gold leaf. Please put on the gloves, before using the olive oil, to protect the delicate bottle.

Golden bottle olive oil | Liquido d'Oro

Il Primo
The olive oil in this exceptional bottle is our Il Primo Sinolea. The production of this oil is done in the organic 'Sinolea' way. The method of production is aimed at maintaining the pure flavor of the olives. It's a real slow process.The olives are hand picked in Tuscany and no pressure or water is used during the centrifuge process. It takes forever, but makes sure the oil drops out of the olives without any artificial methods. And that's exactly what we want! 

Exclusively available at Bijenkorf from the 15th of November

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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