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    With common sense


With common sense

What makes olive oil healthy?

Liquido d'Oro's olive oil is made out of 100% olives and nothing else. We think it's special that one ingredient can make such a big difference in a dish. And that this ingredient grows on a tree like that. Good job, mother nature. Olive oil is healthy, but how come? 

We asked doctor and researcher Remko Kuipers (heart specialist in OLVG in Amsterdam). 

Remko: ''Olive oil is the most healthy option in the kitchen. Not only because of the saturated fats, but also thanks to the other elements, such as squalene. This is a natural 30-carbon organic compound which can help prevent certain diseases.''

Okay, we're not chemists. So we'll explain. 

Squalene is a saturated carbon compound, which was first discovered in the oil of sharks. Different studies have shown that squalene protects us from diseases such as cancer. Olive oil as well, contains 0.7% squalene, which is relatively much.

In addition, olive oil is an important source of polyphenols. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet can be explained based on the high quantities of polyphenes in for example olive oil. 

Olive oil can be heated without any harm for your health. Olive oil consists of vitamin A, D and E and saturated fat. These are good for your body. 

Remko, any lasts tips?
''Use olive oil with common sense. It is the good oil to use on a daily basis, but don't use more than you'd really need.''

Thank you Remko Kuijpers


Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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