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    Pappardelle with radicchio


Pappardelle with radicchio

A great vegetarian pasta with this beautiful seasonal vegetable, radicchio.

Ingredients for two persons:
1 Crop radicchio
1 tsp Garlic olive oil
50 gr Black olives (ex. Gaeta olives)
1 Branch fresh oregano
2 Branches chopped leaf parsley
400 gr Fresh pasta
Grated Parmesan/ Pecorino cheese
Pine nuts

Cut the radicchio lengthwise, in strips and fry this in 1 tsp garlic olive oil. Add oregano. Let the radicchio bake shortly, add 50 gr of (Gaeta) olives and 2 branches of coarsely chopped leaf parsley. Let this mixture bake for some time, so that all of the ingredients can absorb tastes. Meanwhile, cook 400 gr of fresh pasta al dente. Strain the pasta and mix with the radicchio mixture. Add some more olive oil, salt and chili pepper depending on your taste. Roast the pine nuts in a dry pan. Sprinkle the pasta with grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese and eventually the pine nuts.



Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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