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    Pheasant with pumpkin


Pheasant with pumpkin

The hunt has been started! An animal that is hunted regularly is the pheasant. Because of that, we cannot miss out on a delicious pheasant recipe. In this recipe, many lovely flavors come together.

1 Pheasant (approximately 1 kg)
2 Hands of bacon
1 Fresh chili pepper
4 Leaves of sage
1 Orange
Salt and pepper
250 gr Butternut squash
3 Cloves of garlic
125 gr small chestnut mushrooms
Il Quinto Olive Oil
Additional: Butchers twine (not plastic-coated)

Heat the oven to a temperature of 200˚C. Add slices of bacon to the pheasant’s breast and tie with butchers twine. Grate the skin of the cleaned orange. Cut the chili pepper in half (length wise), take out the seeds, placenta (this is the part to which the seeds are attached) and chop finely.
Chop the sage and mix with pepper and grated orange. Spread the mixture over the pheasant’s breast. Wash the pumpkin, cut into pieces and remove the seeds. Divide the pieces of pumpkin, peeled cloves of garlic and chestnut mushrooms in a baking tray surrounding the pheasant. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and Il Quinto olive oil. Bake the pheasant (depending on weight) in approximately 40 minutes.


Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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