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    Quality olive oil


Quality olive oil

Are you looking for the best quality olive oil out there?

Liquido d'Oro is producer of extra virgin olive oil from Italy. Our oil comes directly from local olive groves and is produced with the greatest of care. You can order our six special flavours online. We also supply top restaurants and private customers.

Powerful taste and delicate aroma.

Our 'liquid gold', as we like to call our olive oil, is harvested by hand. It is cold pressed at temperature of less than 25°C/77°F. We then bottle the oil into special bottles without filtering to lock in the pure flavour of the olives and all the healthy components that you find in freshly prssed extra virgin oil. There ar six special flavours to choose from, all with a pure, strong olive taste and delicate aroma - the hallmarks of Liquido d'Oro.

Written by - Dennis Rensen

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