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Single Serving

olive oil single serving pack

Olive oil and condiments in single serving packaging

Liquido d’Oro is a new generation olive oil and condiment makers. Thanks to our unique combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern entrepreneurs, we have become the first choice for chefs, food lovers and convenience food manufacturers across the world. We offer single serving solutions for all eating occasions whether in restaurants, at home or ‘on the go’.

In addition to our glass bottle packaging, we also offer single serving solutions for retail, foodservice and catering. These vary from bulk packaging to our glass bottles or dosette single serving solutions packs of 8-24ml. 

Dosettes and sachets

Sachets are a simple way to hold single servings of all different kinds of condiments and oils. They’re perfectly portioned and make it easy to add the contents to any kind of meal.
However, most sachets are tricky to open, tend to break upon opening and run the risk of bursting.
That’s why we serve our olive oil in a dosette as well. 
A dosette is a single serve bottle for liquid products, such as olive oil, condiments, vinegars or sauces that you tend to find in salad boxes for example.

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