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    Sweet potato fries


Sweet potato fries

Can food make you happy? Yes! Sweet potato fries with a lovely truffle mayonnaise which makes you super happy.

Ingredients for the fries:
Sweet potatoes (approximately one big one per person)
Olive Oil Every Day
Branch of fresh rosemary

Ingredients for the truffle mayonnaise:
2 egg yolks (ambient temperature)
250 ml mild olive oil
2-3 tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Few drops of Al Tartufo olive oil

The fries
Put the potatoes in a bowl of water with some salt. After, rinse off well and put them on a dry tea towel. It is important that they are dry before you bake them, otherwise they won’t get nice and crunchy. It is optional to peel the potatoes.
Cut the potatoes in long wedges from (appr. 1 cm thick). Before you put them in the oven, it is recommended to shortly fry them in the pan with Olive Oil Every Day. The fries will get much crunchier when you pre bake them than when you immediately put them in the oven.
Pre heat the oven on 200˚C and bake the fries from 30-40 minutes in the oven. Don’t forget to check on the fries and stir them ones in a while! Mix the fresh rosemary with sea salt and use this to sprinkle the fries with at the end.

Truffle mayonnaise
For the truffle mayonnaise you first make a base. For this, put the egg yolks, lemon juice and salt in a big glass bowl. Mix the mixture with a whisk and slowly add a few drops of olive oil. Continue doing this until all of the oil has been added slowly. It is important that it is mixed well. When it has become a thick sauce, add a little salt and pepper according to taste. Finally, add a few drops of truffle oil. Be careful with this, don’t add too much all at once, but taste whilst.

Serve the sweet potato fries with truffle mayonnaise and rosemary salt. Enjoy!


Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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