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    The best olive oil tested


The best olive oil tested

The best olive oil tested

Just like wine, every olive oil has its own personality. There is a different oil for every taste, dish and occasion. Liquido d'Oro has selected the perfect olive oils for every type of food preparation in the kitchen. The difference is in the colour, which can vary from dark green to light yellow and the taste, from soft to fruity and from neutral to strong.

Olive oil: picking the olives
Starting in October, the first olive breeds are ready to be picked. The timing of picking influences the taste of the olive and thus the oil. The best oil comes from olives picked at perfect ripeness.

Olive oil: the pressing
Traditional pressing, with only pressure used and colder than 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 degrees Fahrenheit), usually gets about half of the oil out of the olives. This is the first press, also referred to as "cold press". After the first, cold press the remaining oil is extracted from the olive paste using heat. This greatly reduces the taste, compared to the first press. Of course, at Liquido d'Oro we exclusively work with the best oil from the first cold press.

Olive oil: the gradations
Extra vergine olive oil is oil with an impeccable taste, scent and colour. This oil from the highest quality contains no additives and is extracted without the use of heat. The meaning of the word 'vergine' - pristine thus is very fitting. Vergine olive oil also comes from the first cold press, but has a higher acidity of above 1%. Refined olive oil is created by purifying the oil extracted from the waste of the olives. This means we can't really speak of natural juices anymore.

Olive oil: the preparation
When using olive oil as a dressing for salads it's important that the flavour of the oil matches well with that of the ingredients. The powerful character of spicy extra vergine olive oil matches up well with a robust green or potato salad. When using more delicate ingredients a lighter, sweeter olive oil is the better choice. When olive oil is added to a dish after preparation it tempers sharp flavours and sauces get a richer, fuller taste.

Written by - Dennis Rensen

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