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    Top 5 coffee bars


Top 5 coffee bars

Breakfast Italian-style

Starting off the day with good coffee. This is what the Italians do every day, when they visit their favorite cafe. Even when they are not in a hurry, they drink their coffee as quick as they can. Because the hotter the caffè, the better. If you have another recommendation for a nice coffee bar, feel free to send an email to: lonneke@liquidodoro.com. 

The Village Coffee & Music, in Utrecht: 
Men with tattoos and beards come here to drink a tough cup of coffee. Also order a freshly baked brownie, because those cannot be missed! The cosy atmosphere can be thanked to the bands that play at the cafe regularly. The bar can be found within walking distance from the centre in the Voorstraat. 

De Koffiesalon, in Amsterdam:
Despites the fact our capital is crawling with coffee bars, this one is truly unique! When you walk in, you step into a world of Art Deco where your Buscaglione coffee is their priority! Meanwhile, De Koffiesalon has emerged to as much as 6 other locations. But, our favorite one is in Oud-West at the 1e C. Huygensstraat.

Bij Frouke, Doorn: 
Also the smaller villages keep surprising us with the best coffee. If you come here regularly, Frouke knows your order by heart. It's just like Italy. The inside is tiny, so you're able to catch up with all of the new village gossip. 

Meneer Chocola, in Scheveningen:
Two surf dudes with a passion for chocolate. Enjoy your cup of coffee in a super relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the old village of Scheveningen. From 08:00h you can crash here for a shot of cafeine with something sweet besides. Check the window and get ready to be seduced.

Croos, in Rotterdam:
A light and open bar where you can grab a quick coffee (from guy with glasses). If you have some more time, don't hesitate to hop in for a breakfast with a croissant, egg, coffee and fresh orange juice.

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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