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    Road Trip to Lago D'Orta


Road Trip to Lago D'Orta

Road Trip to Lago D'Orta

The month of June has begun and our marketing manager has already planned a trip to the north of Italy. Lonneke: The north west to be specific. The destination is Orta San Giulio at the Lago D'Orta. With an old camping car, her husband and two hyper active boys we have 1100 km ahead of us. Because our camping car isn't that young anymore, we can only drive 90 km/h, which means we have to relax. This can be a though thing to do the first few days. 

We will have stops in Germany (Eifel and the Black Forest) which will bring us to Switzerland. As soon as you reach the Gotthard tunnel, you already feel like you're in Italy. Italian names everywhere, however the prices at the Swiss gas stations give away you are still not there. Suddenly, you see a gorgeous blue lake. The Lago Maggiore. The steep mountains on the right hand side and an abbys on the left hand side really make the trip an adventure. This is the ultimate holiday feeling!

At this lake we plan our first stop in Italy. Quite soon after we pass the border we will look for a camp side situated directly at the water in Cannobio. The boys will have the chance to run wild and we'll look for a simple, yet great restaurant. And no difficulties in finding a good restaurant here in Italy! 

The next day we'll continue our trip to Orta San Giulio, which is carefully chosen at the Orta lake. This is smaller, less touristic, more authentic and more quiet than for instance the Lago Maggiore or the lake Como. Camping Cusio is where we'll camp our camping car for the next week. A cosy spot which is especially popular for Milanese people in the weekend. 

Here, we'll enjoy delicious cappuccinos, fresh ice cream and homemade limoncellos every day! The owner of the camp side knows the good restaurants in the neighborhood and recommends a few places to go to. Go to restaurant Venus at the village square for fresh pizza, to the lake at Luci Sul Lago for romance and if you have the time go to Agriturismo Il Cucchiaio di Legno

The Agriturismo is definitely recommended. At 8 o'clock in the evening, the guests are expected to arrive. Everyone can join. You can choose from red or white, flat or sparkling and soda for the kids. There is no menu, you will have to eat what the chef is preparing. Get ready for an explosion of flavors! Gorgeous hams, sublime pastas, delicious risotto, colorful grilled vegetables, a nice piece of meat and even desert (chocolate salami). 


Written by - Valerie Molenaar

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