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    Vega(n) hot spots


Vega(n) hot spots

4x Best restaurants to eat vega(n)

No, here at Liquido d'Oro we didn't become vegan or vegetarian. What has changed, is that we've become more conscious about eating meat. The one more than the other. It gives us some food for thought! 

The other day, our marketing manager Lonneke had dinner at a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam called Nieuw Terrein. Super fresh food which was delicious and surprising. It wasn't for the fifth course until she noticed everything she had eaten was vegan! And it was great! That's why we'll give you a list of best vegan places where you can even take a carnivore to!

Nieuw Terrein
This pop up restaurant can be found in different locations. The last time near Caffè Toscanini on the Lindengracht in Amsterdam. You can only reserve by Facebook or telephone. The vega 5-course meal is put together by 2 young chefs with nothing but seasonal ingredients. Such as pumpkin, beet, parsnip, carrot, mushrooms and more.

The Dutch Weed Burger
I have eaten this burger more than once at a festival. They can be found in our capital, Amsterdam at the Nicolaas Beetsstraat. The burger is made of sea weed which was  grown in a sea weed farm in the Oosterschelde. Sea weed are seen as vegetables of the future, because it's healthy and there's plenty of it!

De Vegetarische Slager
This ''butcher'' has opened a store with this fantastic concept at Spui in The Hague. Jaap Korteweg, founder of the shop aimed at making products out of vegetables that are even better than meat. The innovative meat substitute have a spectacular bite and structure. A visit to this concept store is definitely worth it since it's a whole new world!

This cute store in Utrecht is your favorite neighbor where you can have breakfast or lunch. Everything on the menu is vegetarian. Pure coffee, good pastry and nice sandwiches. Everything's prepared with love and respect for nature. 

Written by - Thomas Verbart

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