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Liquido d'Oro olive oil and condiments

Our Team

Liquido d’Oro is a new generation olive oil and condiment makers. Thanks to our unique combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern entrepreneurs, we have become the first choice for fresh food suppliers, top class restaurants, chefs and delis across the world.

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, taste and ingredients to make sure that our olive oil and condiments are the finest in the world.

Simple, delicious and ridiculously good for you.

The tastemakers

Ridder Drost - Showrunner - Chief Condiment Officier
Remco Polman - Head of Operations 
Lonneke Mulder - Marketing & E-Commerce
Valerie Molenaar - Customer Service 
Rik van der Ven - Smooth Operations Officer
Karin Jansen - Business Controller
Tutti - Floor manager
Maico Voets - Smooth Operations Officer
Peter Hoogeveen - Mastermind of Taste


We are proudly part of the: 

Polenghi group


Liquido d'Oro

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