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Liquido d'Oro is 100% organic. We're not too fussed about certifications but sometimes they're good to have. So here are ours to prove we are completely organic:


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Rosemary Olive Oil

(2 Products)
  • Al Rosmarino olive oil
    Rosemary olive oil


    € 14,95

  • Gift for the gourmet
    Chili pepper, garlic and Rosemary


    € 41,85

Recently sold

(3 Products)
  • Al Basilico Olive Oil
    Basil Olive Oil

    500 ml

    € 21,95

  • Il Terzo olive oil
    Salads & Dressings

    500 ml

    € 19,95

  • The novel pair
    BAKING & Salad olive oil


    € 34,50

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