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Fish-shaped packets for soy sauce


New soy sauce bottle

At Liquido d’Oro we champion the finishing touch. While we are predominantly known for olive oil, as experts in food, we also supply a selection of high quality condiments, dressings and sauces in our convenient portion packets. We just want to make whatever you’re about to eat that little bit better.

That’s why we introduce our new soy sauce packets 8 ml. Soy sauce is a light-brown flavoured sauce produced by natural traditional Japanese fermentation of soy beans. We offer our dosettes with Kikkoman, low sodium soy sauce or a specific soy sauce on request.

Fish shaped soy sauce

Our fish-shaped dosettes have also been approved for direct contact with food like sushi, pokebowls, salads and more. And since we use a vacuum technique to ensure that the quality of our soy sauce remains as high as glass bottles, you can take our condiment with you everywhere.
The dosette is non-drip, and only dispenses soy sauce when squeezed, unlike the little plastic sachets.

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