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    HelloFresh recipe


HelloFresh recipe

You can find us in the HelloFresh box!

Maybe you use the HelloFresh boxes yourself. Then it is possible you have seen our basil creme pass by. A fantastic finishing touch for your dish.

Basil cream comes in the flavours: basil (you wouldn’t think), lemon and oregano. Think of it as a kind of pesto, only without nuts and cheese. Every now and then, HelloFresh is launching new dishes. There are some creative people working there! You can find us with various of their dishes, depending on whether it fits. 

As you might know, you can also find our olive oil at HelloFresh. Oils with rosemary, lemon, basil or balsamic vinegar, are in the “ready meals”. Ready meals is the ready-to-eat variant from HelloFresh.

For example, our basil creme is added with the fresh pasta salad and their delicious eggplant rolls with halloumi. 

Liquido d’Oro olive oil and sauces are also used in the HelloFresh recipes in Germany. Different countries have diffferent needs. For example, in Germany our sriracha sauce is very popular, this is a spicy chili sauce that goes perfectly with Asian recipes. And also the Worcestershire sauce, a sweet sauce that can be used as a marinade for meat, is popular in German HelloFresh meals.

Written by - Lonneke Mulder

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