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The story of Liquido d'Oro Olive Oil

The story of Liquido d'Oro begins with Ridder Drost. After finishing university, Ridder (which means knight in Dutch) didn't have a clue what he wanted to do with his life. So he hopped on a train and set out to discover the world. After a few weeks of wandering, he ended up in an olive grove in Tuscany, Italy. And he liked it so much, he ended up staying.

The pace of life was set by the speed of the seasons. Ridder learnt how to pick, press and bottle olive oil as well as how to maintain a bountiful grove. During his work, Ridder often heard the oil masters describe the oil as 'il liquido d'oro' - the liquid gold. They didn't call it that because olive oil was making them a fortune; they called it that out of pure and simple pride.

Even the Dutch Ridder by now understood that there was something special about this oil and not just because it was of a far higher quality than he was used to. He sent a few bottles home to his mum and also to some friends he had in the restaurant business. The reactions were better than good, they were ecstatic, and before he knew it, Ridder was in the export business.

Having worked with the land and learnt the secrets of making great olive oil, Ridder decided to make it his future. To create a brand of first class natural olive oil, under the name he had heard so many times before: Liquido d'Oro!



Liquido d'Oro

The story of Liquido d'Oro

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