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A little taste of amazing

An egg without salt.
An avocado without olive oil.
Bread without butter.
That big, fancy ice cream sundae without the chocolate sauce, the sprinkles or that little red cherry on top.

Life would be a dull and miserable place without the little pleasures.
That’s why at Liquido d’Oro we champion the finishing touch.
Whether that’s for the juicy steak you’re cooking on the barbecue, the salad you’re trying to enjoy whilst squished into an airplane seat at 30,000ft or the steaming hot pizza you’ve just had delivered, you can enjoy our oils and condiments wherever you happen to be eating.

Yes, we’ve combined age-old tradition and craftsmanship with modern day thinking to create our oils and condiments.
Yes, Liquido d’Oro has become the firm favourite of chefs, food lovers, retailers and food manufacturers everywhere.
Yes, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, taste and ingredients to make sure that our olive oil and condiments are the finest in the world.

But really, we just want to make whatever you’re about to eat that little bit better.

Serious about what we make. Not so serious about everything else.


Liquido d'Oro

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