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Onze olijfolie is van eersteklas kwaliteit | Liquido d'Oro

The finest quality

We use over 30 different organically certified farms across Italy to harvest and produce Liquido d'Oro. But no matter how different our farmers, their trees and the type of olives they grow are, they all have a few things in common:

All our farmers understand the importance of giving their trees enough space to soak up the sunshine and allow their roots enough room to grow without stealing their neighbours' nutrients. It's up to twice the amount of space you see in most olive groves and our olives taste all the better for it.

All our olives are picked by hand and the picker only chooses the ripest, healthiest olives to make sure our oil is of the highest quality. Whilst these olives  seem to literally drop from the sky, the trick to finding the best olives is to shake the branches gently by hand.

Immediately after they are harvested, our olives are slowly cold pressed at temperatures below 25 degrees. They are then bottled into our UV resistant black bottles within 6 hours of picking. By not heating the olives during the pressing process and bottling the oil immediately, we are able to preserve the delicious taste and vital nutrients that make Liquido d'Oro so special.

Natural olive oil contains healthy, fatty acids, minerals and anti-oxidants which are all good for your body. However, since olive oil is still a fat, please use moderately.

None of our oils are chemically refined. All those scary processes are not good for taste, and not good for the nutrients.


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