Liquido d'Oro



The Liquido d'Oro subscription

We figured you might have other things on your mind than worrying about olive oil stock management. That's why we've created an olive oil subscription service to deliver you olive oil throughout the year. Because who wants to run out of olive oil mid-recipe? Exactly.

Depending on how much olive oil you tend to get through, we'll deliver your favourite oils up every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. Too much too often? Not a problem. Just put your subscription on hold until you need some more. Used it up already? Give us a call and we'll send you a new bottle straight away.


  • You 'll always have your favourite oil in stock
  • Free home delivery
  • Automatic payment
  • Easy to change whenever you like
  • Easy to pause and resume whenever you like (depending on how much oil you get through)

How does it work

Go to our little sister oLivery. You can start with a Starter Kit, and if you like it, choose oLivery Repeat. 


Liquido d'Oro

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