Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Olive Oil

Is your oil organic?
Now, there’s an easy question. Yes. Our olive oil is 100% organic.
What about allergens?
Our farmers only produce olive oil and our oil is pressed straight from the olives. So there is no risk of our olive oil being exposed to or containing any allergens. Unless you have an olive allergy, that is. We’re still working on that one.
How long can I keep your olive oil for?
Liquido d’Oro olive oil is always fresh and always from the latest harvest. Because the glass we use in our bottles is UV resistant and therefore sun-reflective, you can keep our oil for up to 14 months. We advise that you use it within 12 months for maximum flavour. You can find the use-by-date on the neck of the bottle.
How do I keep my oil at its freshest?
The best place to keep olive oil is somewhere cool and dark. Like a shady cupboard. There’s no need to put it in the fridge. Just make sure the cap is always well screwed on to avoid any oxidation.