Pioneering next level delicious

Eggs and salt
Homemade bread and butter
Sushi, soy sauce and wasabi
Ice cream and chocolate sauce
and sprinkles
and a red cherry

At Liquido d’Oro we love flavour and we don’t want you ever to do without it. That’s why we make condiments from all over the world and pack them in perfect portions and the most environmentally friendly mess-free packaging we can find. Big flavours, zero waste.
That’s the mission.

Liquido d’Oro

About us


This is us. There is one thing that describes us all, and that is that we love food. Apart from that, some of us like CO2 sums, others are into taste profiles, efficiency calculations or click-through rates. We even have a colleague who enjoys to study the behaviour of etheric oil in fluids in comparison to air.

Ridder Drost

General Freewheeler

Remco Polman


Maico Voets

Smooth Operations Officer

Valerie Molenaar

Customer Happiness Officer

Basak Demirel

Queen of Quality

Michelle Plasmans

Finance Fairy

Bas Achterbosch

Smooth Operations Officer

Jolanda Engelhart

Quality Assurance

Koen Sonneveldt

Head of The Factory

Peter Masson

Manager of The Factory

Mahdi Hosseinkhani

Machine Operator

Menno Bergsma

Bean counter