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Our ingredients

Our organic oil comes from olive groves across Italy and our olives are grown by farmers who have total respect for Mother Nature. 
Our farmers produce in a durable manner and only work together with organically certified farmers. This is to say, their entire production process, from planting the olive seed till storing the olives, everything is handled in an organic way. They cultivate their soil organically, in a traditional way: without any pesticides or means that stimulate the growth of the trees. What they do, is stop fertilizing the tree for a while, because this makes the tree lazy and makes the olives absorb the water. To get a better flavor, the tree needs to put some effort into finding nutrition and water. No crazy stuff and additions, which you’ll taste in the oil. 

Our olive oil is extra virgin. Extra virgin means that the oil is 100% natural. It's made without any chemicals or refining. The acidity has to remain under 0,8%. This can only be achieved if the olives are treated carefully during and after the harvest. The olive oil cannot be exposed to too much sunlight and oxygen and the oil has to be gotten from the first press. Only like this, you have olive oil of the best quality possible. None of our oil is refined. All those chemical processes are harmful for the natural flavours and the nutrients.

Our packaging

The packaging we are using to bottle our olive oil and condiments are as sustainably as possible. Our bottles for example are made from Violet glass, a special type of light reflecting glass for a very good reason. We did some research into the behaviour of light in glass and it’s the effect on the contents inside. Not all colours of the light spectrum cause fruit and veg to oxidise and, in fact, violet and infrared slow down the aging process. So we created a bottle that blocks all colours except these two. This special black glass means less waste, because your oil stays perfect for up to 12 months.


Liquido d'Oro

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