our mission to zero waste

At Liquido d’Oro, we’re determined to be a no waste, no poverty, net zero company. Here's how we would like to get there.

Our portion packs

Our condiments are packed in plastic.
There is no better packaging than plastic for condiments. Plastic is clean, safe, reliable and very durable which reduces waste. Our packs and plastic are very light, which makes transport and storage efficient.  

Plastic is of course a problem. We don’t need a planet full of rubbish, and we are very keen to be a rubbish free company. Fortunately, we’re not the only company that wants to solve this, so technology develops quickly. Here’s where we are today: 

Our dosettes are currently made from 30% recycled plastic. We are working on increasing the proportion, by 2025 they should be made from 100% recyclable AND recycled plastic. 

Our sachets are made from monoplastic, which means it is recyclable. We have not yet found a recycled plastic for this, and are currently testing a vegetable plastic that can be composted. The aim is to have that fixed by 2025 as well. 

We’ll keep you updated, keep an eye on our website for the latest news. Of course, all our plastic is BPA free.

Product locations

We have six different production locations, two in Italy, three in Holland and one in Germany. All our factories run on their own renewable energy, and we produce as close to our buyers as we can, minimalizing traffic. Our goal is to produce without
CO2 impact in 2026.


At Liquido d’Oro we only use the best ingredients. We pull out all the stops for the wow-effect. And that’s exactly what you taste in our premium condiments. We source our ingredients together with our trusted partners.

Our condiments are made from the best ingredients we can find. If you use first class ingredients like Japanese soy beans, Ogliarola olives, or Rawit peppers, there is hardly no need for colourings, flavourings or other unnatural additives. All our ingredients and recipes are GMO and palm oil free, and our suppliers all have a BRC certification, ensuring maximum food quality and employee safety.

We pay our farmers a fair price according to living wage, and only work with suppliers with internationally recognized, independently verified ethical certification.

Pioneering next level delicious

At Liquido d’Oro we make condiments and pack them in perfect portions and the most
environmentally friendly mess-free packaging we can find. Big flavours, zero impact. That’s
the mission.

Our portion packs are available in different sizes and shapes



Fish shape



Stick pack

Our condiments are meant to bring flavour and be convenient. They are easy to open, easy to pour and in perfect condition because they are vacuum packed. No leaking, no spilling, no waste.  

We have a wide range of oils, condiments, vinegars and dressings. Whether it is value for money you are looking for, or exclusive top quality, we’re confident we can find what you are looking for.

You can find all our condiments here by cuisine.