September 26, 2023

Soy sauce in a recyclable portion pack

At Liquido d’Oro we want to be a responsible business. In lots of areas, we’re making great progress. Which means that our delicious soy sauce is now packed in a new mono-plastic. The packaging is not only reusable but better looking as well. Fish-shaped and mono-packaging, can't get any better. One of the things we work on a lot is our packaging. All of ours are made from plastic. Plastic is clean, light, food safe, reliable and it has a very long shelf life. That makes for very little waste, and efficient transport and storage. Plastic is of course a problem. Nobody needs a planet full of junk, so we’re working hard to reduce our impact. The aim is to be a completely Zero Waste company in 2030.


The first step in that process is to stop using plastic that cannot be reused. So far, waste management facilities can recycle mono-plastic, and this week, our soy sauce is the second product to be packed in that. The rest will soon follow.

Now, let’s talk numbers. With our production of 2 million pieces per month, we want to be upfront about the plastic involved. The weight of the plastic used is approximately 4.000 kilograms. Up to 50% of that plastic is recycled.

Recyclable portion pack with soy sauce

Soy sauce & sushi

To showcase our new fish-shaped portion pack, let’s take a look at our partner Sushi&Food Factor. They have embraced our new packaging and have incorporated it in their culinary Asian offerings. By choosing our fish-shaped packs with Kikkoman soy sauce, Sushi&Food Factor is not only delighted their customers with delectable dishes but also demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

Zero waste mission

This milestone is a step towards our zero-waste mission. We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability, and while we are proud of this achievement, we know that we are not there yet.

The next step is to see if we can make packaging from renewable or reusable sources. At the moment, we’re testing portion packs from organic materials.

To be continued.