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Ginger puree


Introducing Liquid d'Oro's Ginger Puree in a convenient sachet – a zesty powerhouse for your culinary adventures. Fresh ginger, finely chopped and ready to use. This puree offers the vibrant, spicy kick of ginger without the hassle of grating or chopping. Infuse it into stir-fries for an authentic touch, blend with honey and lemon for a soothing tea, or mix into marinades for a tangy twist. Elevate your dishes with ease and precision using our portion-packed ginger sachet – the secret to adding bold flavor to your recipes, effortlessly.



Contents ML

In portion packs from 5 to 250 ml

Combine with

As a tastemaker for Eastern dishes.

Types of packaging

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Our mission to zero waste

Making a positive impact. Big and small. That is what drives us. At Liquido d’Oro, we’re determined to be a no waste, no poverty, net zero company. Here's how we would like to get there.


Our condiments are packed in plastic. Plastic is clean and safe, it keeps your condiment well for a long time, which ensures maximum quality and minimum waste. Plastic packs and sachets are also very light, which makes transport and storage efficient. 

Plastic is of course a problem. We don’t need a planet full of rubbish, and we are very keen to use the most sustainable plastic there is at the moment. In 2024, all  packaging will be recyclable. And in 10 years we want to be a plastic-free company.


All our ingredients and recipes are GMO and palm oil free, and our suppliers all have a BRC certification, ensuring maximum food quality and employee safety.

CO2 emission

We have six different production locations, two in Italy, three in Holland and one in Germany. All our factories run on their own renewable energy, and we produce as close to our buyers as we can, minimalizing traffic. Our goal is to become CO2 neutral in 2026.